Maintenance of your fire and safety equipment is absolutely essential for the safety of life and property. Your fire and safety equipment could sit for long periods without being used, but when you need to use it, it needs to be fit for the purpose of saving life and property, so don’t take a gamble. We at Safety technical Services Co. Ltd. carry out our cost effective, qualified and country wide maintenance of all fire & safety equipment. Our service team has years of experience in maintaining / servicing and recertification of all types of fire and safety equipment. Our qualified engineers and technicians offer a service package that’s designed to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Manager's Talk

We provide the most advanced way of serving our customer with our talented people and unique sets of products and services … STS can, and will, deliver.

Musthafa Rahman Sales Manager

Fire Extinguisher Service Unit

The units are specifically designed and built to carry out safely and efficiently the services required by international standards and regulations for refilling of all types of fire extinguishers. Even, we provide on-site services with the aid of multi-functional transportable workshop, on-board. It includes on a single platform all the key instruments and accessories for powder, foam and CO2 fire extinguisher maintenance and refilling operations.

To ensure the fire extinguishers are fit for use, we carry out hydro-testing as per NFPA 10 2013. For this service we have a unique testing machine and a well trained crew to ensure quality of service.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus - SCBA Service Unit:

The fill stations in STS provide enhanced safety for operator when refilling SCBA cylinders and SCUBA cylinders. Its unique design contains the fragments of accidental cylinder rupture or hose failure, while allowing the air blast to be vented quickly and in a direction away from the operator. A safety interlock prevents SCBA or SCUBA filling unless the front access door is completely closed and locked in place for safe operation.

Air Quality Testing:

The air from the compressor which is used to charge the SCBA sets are closely monitored using the Air quality test kits as per COSHH regulations. When impurities exist in the compressed air for respiration, it affects human health. We check the quality of compressed air for filling the breathing cylinders every three months. Hence we ensure the Carbon dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Oil mists and Water vapour contents are in acceptable range.

We have the facility in place to check the quality of compressed air from the SCBA cylinders as well.


Fire Extinguishers / Escape Sets / SBCA Sets

Cascade System Oman
Cascade System Oman
Cascade System Oman

Rental Services:

  • Air Cascade Systems
  • Breathing Air Compressor
  • BA Sets, Escape Sets
  • Fixed & Portable Gas systems