» Permit to work Signatory, PTW Holder                                                                                                                                                                                          

Aims of course are to provide attendees with:-
›  Knowledge and understanding of permit to work systems.
›  Specific knowledge and understanding required by PTW Holder and Signatory.


On completion of the course attendees will be able to:
›  Explain the reasons for the use of PTW system.
›  Explain the principles of permitry.
›  Explain the roles and responsibilities of persons working within PTW system.
›  Locate and explain all relevant information from PTW manual or handbook.
›  Explain which permit, if any, is required for a task.
›  Describe and explain the use of system of edge and face colours on pages of work permit forms.
›  Explain the objectives of a job HSE plan and use electronic job HSE plan tool to create a job HSE plan.
›  Explain objectives of the PTW system certificate.
›  Produce a job HSE plan appropriate for a job.
›  Identify and explain errors within a permit, job HSE plan or PTW system certificate.
›  Explain the purpose and use of the permit issue point rack and permit location board.
›  Demonstrate the correct procedure for applying mechanical isolations and
›  Demonstrate the correct procedure for applying mechanical isolation 'tags'.
›  Explain the purpose and procedure for using extended period isolation.
›  Explain the purpose and procedure for archiving permits.
›  Explain why and how the PTW system is audited.

PTW Signatory Course Duration : 2 Day
PTW Holder Course Duration : 1 Day