Manufacturing & Testing

We Manufacture, Test and Certify, Quality Lifting, Rigging and Height Safety equipments for clients in the Mining, Rigging, Construction and Engineering markets. All aspects of lifting gear covered within our range are tested before dispatch and are sent with relevant certifications that the lifting equipment meets the quality that our customer expects.

Manager's Talk

We provide the most advanced way of serving our customer with our talented people and unique sets of products and services … STS can, and will, deliver.

Musthafa Rahman Sales Manager


The 1250T wire rope crimping machine is used to make wire rope slings efficiently up to 60mm diameter. Heavy duty cylinders, seals, bearings, hoses, valves and pressure relief valve for long reliable life. Instant Stop feature: The operator must apply pressure to the dual action (open/close) foot switch for the machine to operate. If the operator takes the foot from the switch at any time during the machine’s swaging cycle, the machine will come to an instant stop; no uncontrolled or automatic motion.

All operating personals are trained and certified by manufacturer.


To verify the specifications and requirements of the clients are met, our lifting products are tested in our 200T tensile testing machine. The tests are controlled by digital closed-loop control system with control softwareSMART TEST. The results of Safe Working Load, Proof Load Tests and Break Load Tests are generated at the end of each test with graphs showing load applied on y-axis and time taken on x-axis with the description of lifting tackle, its specifications, Load applied etc.

  • Tensile strength verification of lifting gears / tackles
  • Breaking strength verification of lifting gears / tackles
  • Computer controlled operation
  • Full data collection with each completed test
  • Calibration of load cells up to 200T