Defensive Driver Training

Motor vehicle crashes are the no.1 cause of fatalities and the leading cause of death for ages 2-39 and ages 50-72. Plus, the increasing number of new drivers and vehicles on the road creates a continuing need for defensive driving training across all age groups.

STS is a leading provider of defensive driver training in the middle east and have developed a series of training programs for the experienced motorists. Most people don't know what's expected of them when they get behind the wheel. A refresher course will help to make the decision to look beyond the ordinary and expect the unexpected! Let the experts with 20 years of combined experience guide you down the road to a safer tomorrow.

The role of a professional driver has become more demanding over the years, none more so that those who operate large, heavy goods vehicles. It could be argued that they are not 'drivers' but operators of dangerous machinery! our trainers specialize in light, rigid and articulated vehicles based upon the driving Standards Agency (UK) syllabus. Our courses aim to produce a knowledgeable safe driver who will produce a smooth, skillful drive with responsibility and the 3 C's - Care, Courtesy & Consideration.

DDC Training

Course Duration Pre requisites
Course Duration Pre requisites
Defensive Driving for Light vehicles, Blacktop roads 2 xyz
Defensive Driving for Heavy vehicles, Blacktop roads 2 xyz
H2S Awareness & Escape 2 xyz
Defensive Driving for Graded roads 2 xyz
Defensive Driving for Bulk tankers, Light & Heavy course 2 xyz
Defensive Driving for Buses, Light & Heavy course 2 xyz